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LMIA Business Plan Structure

Page: 25-30 pages
Include Graphic Design
  • Executive Summary

  • Organization Structure

  • Mission & Vision

  • Services & Products

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Strategy

  • Personnel Plan

  • Operating Plan

  • Financial Projection

  • Economic Benefit

What is The Service & Pricing Structure?




Stage 1 of the service focuses on preparing necessary documents and conducting thorough analysis on the business and the industry. These information will help us provide an accurate quotation including the price, and the delivery time for Stage 2: Business Plan Writing.

Price: $300

The Services Include:

  1. Documents Preparation

  2. Business Feasibility Analysis

  3. Market Research

  4. Business Consultation

  5. Stage 2 Quotation (Price + Timeline)



After all the required files and the Stage 2 payment are collected, we will begin writing the business plan. The pricing and the timeline for this stage is as follows:

Business Partnering Program Member

Price : $1700 up

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days

Member can request for faster delivery of the business plan.  Any delivery time lower than 3 days will be charged additionally.



Price : $2200 up

Delivery Time : 10 Days

Non-Member has the original price, and longer delivery time.



We will provide necessary revisions to the Business Plan to fine tune the content and the structure with you and your client. The difference between Member and Non-Member is as follows:

Business Partnering Program Member

Unlimited Revisions



2 Revisions



Business Partnering Program Member

Upon the completion of the Business Plan, we will continue providing business assistance to our Member until the successful acquisition of the positive LMIA.



Upon the completion of the Business Plan, if additional revisions are requested, an extra charge will be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a business to apply for Owner Operator LMIA?

Fortunately, a complete purchase of an existing Canadian business is only one of the four business options for Owner Operator LMIA. You can do a New Start-up Business, a Partial Purchase of an existing business (make sure you have 51% or more shares), or a Pending Purchase of Existing Business.

Will the pricing be different for LMIA Start-up Business Plan?

Yes, the pricing of the report will tend to be higher for business start-up. Unlike, purchase of existing business, new established business does not have operating history or financial history to verify the status of the business. The business plan will required more market research and business analysis to ensure the practicality and the feasibility of the plan.

Will the LMIA Business Plan be different if I am applying NOC00 job position for my client?

Yes, the pricing of the report will tend to be higher for Senior Job Position LMIA owner operator business plan. This is because the organization structure for a business that required senior management will be more sophisticated, and will require more time for designing the structure and devising a more detailed management plan for the operation of the business.

How is the pricing and delivery time of the Business Plan determined?

The pricing and the delivery time of the business plan is determined by a few factors: Business Type (startup, purchase, partial purchase.etc), NOC Type for the Applicant (senior management, or middle management), Nature of the Business (Retail, Food Service, Consulting etc..), Size of the Business (# of employees, and departments) and any Customization that you may want to add additionally.

Is there a time limit for how long Stage 1 can go for?

No, there is no time limit for Stage 1. We understand sometimes it takes a long time for client to prepare the necessary business files and documents for the construction of the LMIA Business Plan. Sometimes, they may not even know what those files are, so we do not have a time limit for Stage 1. Also, if you need us to give you or your client assistance on preparing the legal files or financial files, we have an experienced legal and accounting team that has worked with us for many years to help you prepare those files.